Nature in the home - a series (foraging)

I missed yesterday’s Nature in the Home group post as I was suffering from a horrible migraine - the kind that when it finally lifted late last night made me realise how completely out of it I had been for 18 hours or so. I don’t get them very often, but when I do, I lose at least a day and feel groggy for another 24 hours after that.

But today - perhaps it’s the sunny morning, perhaps it’s the fresh air - I feel right as rain with no lingering effects, so after the school run I ventured into the garden to look for some colour to forage for this week’s submission.

On Sunday, the garden was looking decidedly barren. The daffodils were refusing to open and there was no other colour in sight but WHAT a turnaround this morning!

The daffodils were bowing their little heads to the sunshine, the hyacinths have bloomed (albeit a little leggy), the pale yellow tulips that I thought were coming up blind are now fat, round, beautiful flowers and there was even a bluebell or two.

I picked a few and brought them inside for this week’s Nature in the Home challenge which was to forage our blooms. I didn’t exactly tramp over field and dale, but these little flowers were free and they were hand-picked so that counts right?

I love these green and red babies - I think it’s alchemilla - I have the plant in a pot at the front door and I’m always so pleased to see it pop up year after year. Such a pretty, sculptural plant.

Joining in with Lou and everyone else for one of the most enjoyable projects in blogland.