Nature in the Home - Autumn week 3

The last of the fading hydrangeas from our faithful old friend in the garden plonked into my paint-stained, crackly-glazed marmalade jar - joining in with the autumn series of Lou’s Nature in the Home.

I think one of my favourite time-wasting pastimes is pottering around my home making little vignettes of lovely things. We’re currently going through a massive purge to rid ourselves of the clutter and excess that fills our home - we desperately need to tighten our belts and raise some extra money so we’re looking afresh at our possessions, working out what we really need to survive and donating or selling the rest. We’re by no means going down the minimalist route, but we are starting to live with less.

It’s such a liberating and satisfying experience*. Ridding our home of things we no longer need or use gives space to the things we want to keep. It allows them to stand alone and stand out.

This old marmalade jar exactly illustrates that. It’s staying because I love it and it means something to me. Every layer of paint tells a story. The crackly glaze pleases my eye. It’s a little forever treasure holding fading stems from my favourite plant, plonked haphazardly on the top of a kitchen shelf and it makes me smile every time I see it.

By the way, I’m having all sorts of trouble commenting on other blogs at the moment - is anyone else finding the same? I write comments but when I submit them, they completely disappear, it’s so frustrating. I will get to the bottom of it but I just wanted to say I am visiting all your blogs and loving your posts even if I appear a bit silent at the moment - I will return (somehow!)

* Yesterday we sold our (shockingly under-used but perfect) treadmill to friends in our village - you wouldn’t believe the euphoria we felt at raising a bit of money and also finally freeing ourselves of the guilt that owning and neglecting such an item had burdened us with!