Nature in the home - for May morning



Please accept my little posy of grape hyacinths and forget-me-nots (I think!) picked from the garden this morning for today’s Nature in the Home post.

They are sitting on my desk next to me as I write, keeping me company as I furiously try to sign off multiple proofs in advance of a little break away with my boys on Friday. I love going on holiday, but boy, the frantic weeks before and after? I can do without those thanks…

The picture in the top photograph is one of my favourites. It was taken a couple of years ago at Porthminster cafe on a beautiful May afternoon, with sand and sea all around us. Three more sleeps and we’ll be there once again. I cannot wait.

Oh, and happy May Day to you! In Oxford, May morning is a BIG DEAL. Those with stronger constitutions than my own stay up all night revelling and partying, then welcome in May morning in the traditional Oxford way by gathering on Magdelen Bridge to listen to the choristers from Magdelen College sing from its highest point. Back in my day, there was a lot of leaping from the bridge into the Isis below but health & safety has since put a stop to that.

Pubs up and down the town stay open all night and bands play at dawn. Much hot coffee and big breakfasting is done before the weary stumble to bed (around 8am) or even into work.

It’s brilliant fun but alas, my days of all-night partying on a school day are behind me, so I celebrated May morning with a quiet little smile instead.