Nature in the Home - Winter week 7

Hello! I’m back and joining in with Lou’s Nature in the Home themes for the run-up to Christmas, the first of which is a table centrepiece.

Earlier this week, I popped into the gorgeous interiors shop in town that stocks my cards to collect the November takings (yay! I made sales!!!) and rather than pocketing my profits, I made the fatal error of having an ooh and an aah over Sarah’s new stock. 

I am steadily building up a wish list and would gladly buy everything in there, but this is at the very top of my list. One day….

Anyway, in the window were three beautifully planted bay trees in whitewashed pots, overlaid with a square of sackcloth and grey velvet ribbon. Well, I thought. One of those WOULD look rather beautiful on my kitchen table. And then I remembered NITH. And I decided it was fate. 

So I handed over my profit and a bit more besides and came away with my bay. Sort of OK right?

Next week the theme is handmade wreaths, which is rather good as I am hosting a wreath-making-mulled-wine-drinking evening next week to make 40 of the things along with some other mums for our school fair. Should be plenty of photo opportunities for that one!