October's Party

October gave a party;                                                                                                  The leaves by hundreds came -                                                                                  The Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples                                                                               And leaves of every name.                                                                                          The sunshine spread a carpet,                                                                                     And everything was grand,                                                                                         Miss Weather led the dancing,                                                                               Professor Wind the band.

I came across this poem by George Cooper the other day and thought I’d share it. Right across the road from our cottage is a magnificent old oak tree that practically fills the view from our tiny bedroom window. We’ve been here a year now (to the day in fact) and I watched that tree lose its leaves last October as we were gradually unpacking and building a new life for ourselves in the country.

A year has passed and that big old tree’s leaves have started to turn golden and brown again and will soon drop, leaving just bare branches as autumn turns to winter. Then in spring, tiny green buds will appear and unfurl into new leaves, squirrels will start darting about and the cycle will begin again.

But for now, I’m enjoying Miss Weather and Professor Wind’s good old seasonal shindig.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season - what’s yours?