Party Planning Princess mode


We’re in full party-planning mode at the moment with not one but TWO parties coming up. Our annual Halloween bash will be closely followed by my husband’s ‘significant’ birthday party, which we’re holding at the old Frank Cooper’s marmalade factory in Oxford.

Now I love a bit of party planning. I go a bit Martha Stewart if the truth be told. I’ve photographed enough weddings to know what makes a good bash and I’ve spent enough time on Pinterest to understand how high some people set their party bar! Ah yes, I do like a challenge…

We’re hosting a good old-fashioned Prohibition-era speakeasy for Spence’s party. There’ll be illicit cocktails, moonshine, gangsters and flapper girls aplenty. His band will play and there will be one or two surprises along the way. I need to get pinning and planning!

For now though, my focus is on Halloween - we made the cupcakes above a couple of years back so this year I’m on the look-out for even more ghoulish treats. I have my green & black witches’ tights and the boys have costumes ready, but it’s the treats and sweets that make a Halloween party go with a bang, no? That and the blood-based cocktails*…

*not actual blood, but enough cochineal to turn one’s insides pink for a week