Slacking off...

I am a terrible slacker. I can easily find a dozen really convincing reasons why I ‘can’t start work just yet’ or why 'today isn’t really a working day’. Working for myself makes this even easier as I figure, as long as I hit my deadlines, my time is my own to organise as I wish.

And sometimes, that organising as I wish means not doing very much to do with work because there’s too much other stuff to be done, like thinking up projects, pottering about the house rearranging stuff, taking photographs, thinking about taking photographs, doing a spot of baking…

You see? I can find many, many reasons not to work. If only my bank manager endorsed that position.

But today, the brightest blue sky I have seen in a LONG time was a compelling enough reason not to shackle myself to my desk so I wheeled my trusty bike out of the garage (where ashamedly he has been hibernating since we moved here last October) and ventured out on a little solo pootle up the lanes near our home.

It’s ace around here…

Uninterrupted views for miles - the kind of views you miss when you whizz by in a car each day.

And this is Basil (for that is the name of my bike) in a field. Artfully styled.

Actually, he was necessarily dismounted and propped up there as I had just puffed up a hill and was in possession of legs that had turned to jelly and lungs that were no longer functioning properly… Unfit, moi? Most definitely. It was fun though.

What gets you slacking off work?