So proud I could burst...

I know it’s a bit gauche to go on about your kids in a ‘twee mama blogger’ kind of way so I am asking for a bit of advance forgiveness for this post.

Last night, Louis and his tiny little school choir joined about 5,000 other children in the Young Voices Concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham where they performed in front of thousands of people at what I can only describe as one of the most immense experiences I think he (or we) will ever have.  Just writing about it here brings a tear to my glass eye…

My boy sang and danced his little heart out way up in the stands, he waved his Santa hat above his head, flashed his torch in time with the music and scanned the audience with his binoculars to find us.

He had spent all day rehearsing at the Arena, travelled there and back on the school coach and arrived back at school at 11.30pm last night, exhausted but happy. This morning, he and his choir mates were mobbed in the cloakroom and although he was so tired he could hardly speak, the look of pride and excitement on his face as everyone gathered around him to hear about it, was brilliant to see.

Louis, I am very, very proud of you. And I could definitely get used to seeing you play sell-out arena gigs in the future!

Have any of you been to a Young Voices concert? Were you shedding proud tears in the aisle too?!