You're Unbelievable

In the bowling alley at the weekend, I was suddenly and vividly transported back to Manchester, 1990. One minute I was watching my seven-year old having a whale of a time with his mates in Lane 1, the next, I was braving sticky floors in a poxy little downstairs bar in Mad-chester in the middle of the afternoon, nursing a Sol lager (complete with lime) and wearing flared jeans. 

The reason? EMF’s Unbelievable.

It is so freaky when a song does that to you. Whoosh, you’re right back there. Memories from university you’d long forgotten come hurtling back into sharp focus along with lyrics you never knew you knew.

God, I hope I’m a better person now than I was then…

Other songs that have the tendency to plonk me right back into another era (and yes, I do realise this is showing my age somewhat):

  • Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to You
  • James - Sit Down
  • Stone Roses - Fools Gold
  • Inspiral Carpets - This is How it Feels
  • Crowded House - Better be Home Soon

Go on, tell me - which songs have you taking an involuntary trip down memory lane?

Mastering a new art

One of my new year’s resolutions which I sort of fell into when not having too much work on at the very beginning of January, was to learn to play the piano. Nearly five months in and I’m still at it, which is more than I can say for most of my previous resolutions.

I’m using this book which is nice and gentle and although I’m still very much a hopeless beginner, I can play a simple tune or two, have recently mastered a couple of chords and am enjoying it immensely. I am very grateful to my lovely friend Erik who has loaned me a beautiful full-size keyboard which now has pride of place in our music-studio-come-office at the bottom of the garden - and once I am sure of my abilities, I will graduate from our dinky keyboard within the safe stone walls of our cottage, to the bottom of the garden concert venue where the sound-proofing isn’t so solid.

Well, we don’t want to be thrown out of the village just yet do we…?