52 Weeks of Happy (43/52 to 47/52)

Please forgive the bumper catch-up-catch-all post for 52 Weeks of Happy. Unlike Jen and lots of the other bloggers joining in this weekly project, I fell hopelessly out of the blogging habit over the summer holidays. But now the new term spirit is upon us and I have resolved to ‘try harder’ and catch up with my classmates…

But how to catch up? I have missed five full weeks of posts! I thought about bombarding this post with 20 different photographs, 4 for each week of happy, but even I would lose the will to read to the end of such a mammoth post, so in the end, I opted for this collage, which you may have seen if you follow my Instagram feed.

It sums up the last five weeks perfectly.

Lots of happy times. Lots of fresh air and countryside. Staying up late gazing at starry skies. Cooking on camp fires. Board games galore. Happy, close brothers playing together for hours on end. Beautiful sunsets.

Summer was wonderful. It was a full five weeks of happy.