You're Unbelievable

In the bowling alley at the weekend, I was suddenly and vividly transported back to Manchester, 1990. One minute I was watching my seven-year old having a whale of a time with his mates in Lane 1, the next, I was braving sticky floors in a poxy little downstairs bar in Mad-chester in the middle of the afternoon, nursing a Sol lager (complete with lime) and wearing flared jeans. 

The reason? EMF’s Unbelievable.

It is so freaky when a song does that to you. Whoosh, you’re right back there. Memories from university you’d long forgotten come hurtling back into sharp focus along with lyrics you never knew you knew.

God, I hope I’m a better person now than I was then…

Other songs that have the tendency to plonk me right back into another era (and yes, I do realise this is showing my age somewhat):

  • Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to You
  • James - Sit Down
  • Stone Roses - Fools Gold
  • Inspiral Carpets - This is How it Feels
  • Crowded House - Better be Home Soon

Go on, tell me - which songs have you taking an involuntary trip down memory lane?